Maimonides Leaders Fellowship

Why have over 2000 Graduates completed the MEOR Maimonides Leaders Fellowship?

Here in school you are looking to expand your intellectual and social horizons as you prepare yourself for a career that is both satisfying and profitable. No less than our academic pursuits, our Jewish identity needs development if it is to be a relevant part of our lives and allow us to live a more inspired and meaningful future.

The Maimonides Leaders Fellowship provides the most promising Jewish students on leading U.S. campuses with a unique opportunity to explore Judaism at a level of depth and sophistication commensurate with their academic skills and aspirations.  In a dynamic and open environment, students are introduced to classical Jewish philosophy, the relevance of Jewish wisdom to contemporary issues and Jewish perspectives on some of life’s most challenging  questions. Highlights of the Fellowship include:

As an added incentive, an in recognition of participant’s commitment of valuable time, a cash stipend of $300 is awarded to each fellow upon completion of the MEOR Maimonides Leaders Fellowship program.

I want to lead the Jewish future


Students participate in 2 hours per week of in depth Jewish learning.  Each session is typically divided into an hour featuring inspiring guest speakers from a wide range of fields and discussion groups/program, led by RJX staff. Dinner and snacks will be provided. 


Two special Shabbaton experiences introduce students to the beauty and warmth of Shabbat.  Whether in the home of an RJX staff member or of generous RJX supporters, students are welcomed by families who are living Jewish lives and observing the enduring traditions of the Jewish people.


Students keep an ongoing journal of their reflections, responses, questions and concerns.  As they delve deeply into Jewish texts, reconcile modernity and tradition, and encounter the major issues of life, the experience of expressing their thoughts through journals is a key aspect of the learning process. All journals should be emailed to


The Maimonides Leaders Fellowship program also includes opportunities for students to participate in MEOR’s innovative learning-oriented trips to Israel.  These two-to-three week trips combine daily classes with outstanding Israel-based teachers, inspiring guest speakers and opportunities to encounter and enjoy the land of Israel.


Topics We Explore

People You’ll Meet

Tentative Schedule Fall ’16 ​

Class Schedule:

Wednesday evenings from 8 -10 PM. Dinner at 7:45

Starting 9/28 through 12/7

Graduation on  12/7

Classes will be held at the Alexander Library, Pane Room, 169 College Ave.

7:45 – 8 Dinner

8 – 8:50 PM – Discussion led by RJX Staff

8:50 – 9 PM – Refreshments and Break

9 – 10 PM – Guest Lecturer

Shabbaton Retreat Schedule:

Fri – Sat Nov 4 – 5 in Far Rockaway, NY 

Fri – Sat Nov ​ 18 – 19 in Highland Park, NJ 

(Yes, we will be back on campus before the Rutgers – Penn St. game)

There will be a make up Shabbaton for students who cannot attend a Shabbaton on one of these dates. 

Students are required to complete 2 shabbatons in order to graduate.

Fellows are asked to arrive one hour before candle lighting (sundown). 

Transportation will be provided, and excusal notes for missed classes will be given upon request. 

(We are a recognized campus chaplaincy.)

maimonides logo.jpg
10 Seminars.

2 Weekend retreats.

1 Awesome community.

Each semester, 30 Rutgers students are selected to become Maimonides Fellows. 

 Tuesdays 8:00-10:00 pm. 

Starts Feb. 10.

$300 stipend upon completion.

Maimonides FAQ

Q. What if I have to miss one of the events?

A. Each of the seminars must be attended. If for some reason you are unable to attend, advance notice must be given in order to qualify for the full stipend amount. A missed seminar must be made up with an RJX staff member and a missed shabbaton results in a $100 deduction. You can make up a Shabbaton and when done, you will receive the $100 deducted.

Q. What if I have never had a formal Jewish education?

A. Maimonides is designed to appeal to a cross section of Jewish students. From total beginners to the relatively advanced, everyone gains tremendously from the course.

Q. I have never spent a Shabbat in a traditional community before- will I feel uncomfortable?

A. Not at all. Our hosts are very friendly and are thrilled to have the opportunity to share the Shabbat experience with you. They recognize that it may be a new experience for you, and are quite accommodating.

Q. What type of transportation is provided?

A. Students are taken to Shabbatons or trips in vans or cars. Some students opt to drive themselves and are reimbursed for any travel expenses.

Q. Can I request to be placed with a friend of mine in Maimonides?

Yes. Students can request to be placed with a specific roommate, and the coordinators will do their best to accommodate you. Please feel free to invite a Jewish friend who is not in Maimonides to our shabbatons andtrips.

Q. What do I wear on the Shabbaton?

Men should wear dress shirts and slacks. Women should wear business casual/formal pants, dresses or skirts with tops that have a modest neckline.

All linen and bedding is provided as well as food (lots of it, too) and entertainment.

Q. Whom do I contact if I have specific questions about the program?

A. For any questions regarding the program or Shabbatons, you can contact Rabbi Goldberg or Rabbi Lewis.

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Contact Information
Rabbi Meir Goldberg:
(908) 596- 1179