Our Mission

Our Goals

  • To build awareness in students of their connection to the past and their responsibility to carry on Jewish values in the future.
  • To instill a sense of pride in the Jewish homeland and commitment to the land of Israel.
  • To give students Jewish experiences which model Jewish values and clarify its relevance in today’s world.
  • To encourage students to explore and learn more about their Judaism and serve as mentors to their peers.
  • To provide exciting Jewish activist opportunities.
  • The RJX/Maimonides program is a great program that offers a lot in terms of connecting to Judaism. It helps people meet members of the Jewish community, gives insight towards religion, and helps the participants understand who Jews from religious backgrounds are and their culture.

    Zach C. Maimonides Spring 2012
  • Until this program, I was never taught about Judaism through philosophy and ethics. The Maimonides program has given me knowledge of Judaism unlike any previous knowledge I have. All of a sudden, my desire to learn about the Jewish culture and the Jewish faith has exploded. I have become more and more curious about myself and about my heritage since day one of the program. More importantly that sitting in a classroom, have been the Shabbatons and day trips. Going to Far-Rockaway was also an experience of a life-time. Having doors opened for me, with a “good Shabbos”, was such an amazing feeling of family. The traditions, laws, and philosophies I’ve learned by just being immersed in the culture are priceless.

    Ben G.
  • The Maimonides program has had a huge effect on my life so far. I was always proud to be Jewish, but I really didn’t know why. I didn’t really understand most of the traditions my family had, I didn’t understand the religion that much, and I just didn’t understand Judaism. The Maimonides program has not just taught me what Judaism is, but it has also opened a whole realm of curiosity inside of me.

    Michael B.
  • My Chavruta was amazing! I learned so much from her and her family. We already plan to keep our once a week learning time even after the semester has ended.

    Brian R. Maimonides Fall 2012
  • The experiences I shared with the other Jewish students is something I will cherish and remember for the rest of my life.

    Alex R. Maimonides Fall 2012
  • Judge Butler was one of the most inspiring speakers I have ever heard. The guest speakers really allowed me to understand things with new perspectives - their stories and values really inspired me to want to do more and give to others.

    Brian R. Maimonides Fall 2012

Our Values


Empowering Jewish students with the knowledge and understanding of their heritage.

The RJX builds Knowledge through the group lectures of the Maimonides Leaders Fellowship , the interactive discussions in the Sinai Xperience, and private tutorials. No topic is taboo, and every question is a good one.


Providing positive role models within the Jewish community who embody Jewish Values.

RJX Mentoring personalizes the knowledge and fosters growth and development for each individual. No matter what is on your mind, we are there for you, from the Hebrew alphabet to the Torah’s take on relationships. You’ll see us in the coffee shops and student centers throughout the campus, talking about Torah, ethics and life.


Integrating the experiences and learning within a Jewish community.

The RJX ensures that the growth and development of each individual is connected to the overall JewishCommunity through student run events, on campus shabbatons in the tri-state area, and trips to Israel.